The members of bukimi 3 - Steve Sholtes and Mitch Hoffmeyer - have known each other for quite awhile. They are long-time friends from Grosse Ile, Michigan. The two musicians know how to "make you wanna bug out." bukimi 3's sound is full of rich-textured, analog overtones, that cut-right-through the everyday "alternative" sound that we have quickly become accustomed to. With just a touch of the "synth-pop" sound of the 80's, bukimi 3 has transformed a fresh new sound for the 90's. Oh, and danceable? Yes. Definitely.

Both Sholtes and Hoffmeyer attended Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan, where they performed in several live campus shows. bukimi 3 has also been found performing at many of Detroit's favorite dance clubs, which include the Shelter, Industry, and 3D. In addition, they have appeared on cable TV talk shows.

Why bukimi? In Japanese, "bukimi" translates to awkward or strange. Why bukimi 3? Just ask the band.

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