Alternative rock, in the past, had clearly denoted choice for its listeners. Today's alternative has become more and more today's mainstream rock. The members of Dorothy - Susan Rae, Chris Diener, Chris Vecchio, Walt Kim, and Rob Casquejo bring diversity to their listeners through their variety of styles and wide range of musical influences. From the 10,000 Maniacs to the Cranberries to the Smashing Pumpkins, Dorothy encompasses these styles and others, with a clearly well-defined style of their own.

Rae, the "front man" of Dorothy cuts through the heavies and blends with the lights with which she is never out of character. With Rae's years of vocal training in opera, control and presence are both felt and heard through the many facets of Dorothy's style. With the power and intricacy of Diener's guitars, the flow of Vecchio's bass and rhythms, the tightness and flair of Kim's drums, and the support of keys, guitars, and vox from Casquejo, Dorothy's sound is clearly unique and well supported.

With live performance being of utmost important to the band, Dorothy may be in a town near you. Watch for them.

Click to hear the album, The Garden...The Smile, by Dorothy